Innovation, by answering the market’s needs, is one of the principal ways of acquiring a competitive advantage. To innovate is to create new products or services, improve existing products, optimize your production system or to adapt the latest technologies arising from basic research.

One of PNB’s main missions is to help companies improve their capacity to innovate. This can be for example, by supporting collaborative R&D projects, by promoting the links between research and industry or by acting as the relay for the latest technological advances and orientations.

The advantages of collaborative projects:

  • Sharing of cost and risk.
  • Benefiting from subsidies and financial aid (up to 50% of the cost of the project).
  • Working more effectively in a complementary manner: each partner brings their experience and skills from their field of activity to the project.
  • Having a “Partner / Partner” relationship: free exchange, confrontation of ideas, shared motivation to keep the project moving etc.
  • Arrive more quickly at a commercially viable industrial solution (task sharing, combining of resources etc.).